Does Outsourcing Benefit U.S. Economy ?


We all are very much familiar with the word, “outsourcing”. Out sourcing is the utilization of resources outside an organization. Barter trading, the oldest form of trading, was in fact just that. One person traded skill or a product made through that skill to get access to another person’s abilities. This is an old strategy but now it is time to speak the truth related to outsourcing but our politicians will for sure won’t speak. They just know finger pointing that is his fault. Actually this is all regarding to those extremely desiring manufacturers who take off labor from Asian continent as it is cheaper and would perform their task for less money. Sad!

Tell me, does anyone of you know that if there wasn’t any outsourcing phenomenon, you might not have a job? Did you know that the things you own personally or for personal use, like ornaments, garments and shoes etc would have price much more without outsourcing? No! Obviously not, you do not know.

Why most of our tasks are sent overseas? Why because it is much cheaper out there or they have fun doing this? No, this is so because the maker that item had to do in order to complete with other companies. If your company or any other company does not thrive in that business then they’ll opt for exiting and you’ll be surely without a job. The main of any company is not to build products and happily give you a job, though they aim to make as much money as they can and if couldn’t then they will be gone along then you’ll be jobless too. For sure you don’t get a nice feeling!

Profit is not a bad word; it doesn’t make you greedy in views of others. One wants to earn profit. If a company doesn’t make enough profit, it can not thrive in the market, it will surely sell its shares and you will again be jobless. See, how threaten you are in every condition. Outsourcing isn’t just happening in United States, it is also happening in Japan, France, Asia , Australia and many more. So this is all about outsourcing and many of us can see experienced business men who were once excellent in their field but due to some slumps and recessions, their companies couldn’t thrive. As they were not able to make enough sales and profit and people are jobless due to the tragic ending of their firms.