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Pancreas Inflammation – Acute Pancreatitis , Chronic Pancreatitis


If your pancreas doesn’t make insulin and pass it into the blood stream, you can develop diabetes. But there are other serious diseases of the pancreas, of which the most important are inflammation, or pancreatitis, cystic fibrosis, and cancer.

Inflammation of the Pancreas
The pancreas can become inflamed. That means that it swells, causes pain, and may not work effectively. This can happen suddenly — acute pancreatitis — but settle down completely in a short time, or it may slowly get worse — chronic pancreatitis. If this happens the tissues and cells will fail to do their job of producing the enzymes that help your digestion.

Hydrogen Sulphide Gas in Heart Diseases Therapy

Hydrogen Sulphide Gas in Heart Diseases Therapy

Hydrogen sulphide which is best known for its rotten egg smell and nitric oxide could soon act as a treatment for heart problems, according to a new study. The Scientists at the Peninsula Medical School at the University of Exeter and the National University of Singapore have found out that the interaction between hydrogen sulphide and nitric oxide, which both occur physically in the body, could guide to innovative treatments for heart failure.

Both of the gases act together with one another naturally and the researchers found that the equilibrium between them and other chemical compounds influences people’s health. These two gases were found to interact together to form a thiol-sensitive compound (connected to the sulphur in H2S) which produces inotropic muscular contraction and lusitropic muscular relaxation effects in the heart. Inhaling of high levels of hydrogen sulfide can cause death within just a few breaths. There could be a loss of consciousness after one or new breaths. This high level of exposure would not be likely in a home, but can happen in a workplace.

Heart City Health Center looking to expand

Health Services

Heart of the City Health Center comprises of a mutual project with three local healthcare providers namely Touchstone innovarè, Cherry Street Health Services and Proaction Behavioral Health Alliance. Cherry Street Health Services was created in 1988 to offer health care to citizens in Kent province, with exceptional stress to low-earning people. Touchstone innovarè, was founded in 1974, assists people that have serious psychological illness which affects their existence in a momentous way, like schizophrenia or bipolar turmoil. Proaction Behavioral Health Alliance consists of a collection of associations providing useful suburban and outpatient cure, re-entry services; workers support programs, as well as wellness and preclusion programs for the youth.