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The Time To Go Solar Is Now

Solar power is an unbelievable and increasingly popular alternative to coal burning, which for decades has served as the dominant source of energy, but at a great and dear cost to our ozone layer and environment.

To this very day, coal remains atop the energy industry, and despite people being made well aware of the risks and detriments of coal burning, an estimated 90 percent of the United States’ energy still comes from the burning of coal.

Until recently, there were very few alternatives for residential energy, and it remains inconceivable to have a slew of massive wind turbines in your front yard powering your home or a hydropower unit under your home, stimulating your electricity uses.

In areas close to the equator, solar power has been considered as a possible energy source, but what many people fail to realize is that you don’t have to live where it is always sunny in order to benefit from and even make full use of solar energy.

New Palo Alto Solar Panels Information

Are you having a new home built in the Palo Alto area?  There is nothing more exciting than having all your plans for a new home come together before your eyes.  Before the construction begins however, you may want to consider some ways to “go green” by improving your new home’s energy efficiency.  Having Palo Alto solar panels installed by VerengoSolar is an important step.  Here are some other ways to help make your new house energy efficient.

One of the biggest costs in electricity for a home is that of heating and cooling it.  One way you can help in this matter is by choosing your design carefully.  For example, having south facing windows can help keep your home warm in the wintertime.  Planting plenty of trees and shrubs around your home can help provide shade and keep the home cooler in the summer.  One smart trick is to combine these two ideas and to plant trees which leaves are full and bushy in summer to help provide shade, and that lose their leaves in winter to allow the sun in to provide warmth.  All of these little tips will help increase your home’s energy efficiency while reducing the workload on your Palo Alto solar panels.

When Not Just Any Knife Will Do


In the United States, we tend to like people and institutions that are ambitious. We like when a person, a store, a restaurant, or a service provider goes out of their way to do something better and different for its clients, colleagues, or associates. For example, when a seller of golf clubs makes sure only to hire experts who regularly use those clubs and can talk about their plusses and minuses, we think very highly and of that ambition to be the best seller of golf products. It is this extra mile that goes a long way in demonstrating to us that we ought to give our business to just such an establishment, that we ought to reward such hard work and such a commitment to success. As a matter of fact, we just might say that this commitment to excellence is at the very heart of the American way of life and the American work ethic.