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Benefiting CreditCard’s Frequent Flyer Miles Bonus

Frequent Flyer Miles

It is often neglected for most people that Bonuses offered with credit cards can preserve precious cash for required expenditures.

Cheryl Moore has always been a saver. “I enjoy saving money like other people enjoy spending it,” she says. In the consumer world this atti­tude translates into shopping the ads for discounts, coupon clipping, and eating dinner before 5:00 PM to take advantage of restaurants’ early-bird specials. In the business world, this philosophy means getting someone else to pay for essentials.

Cheryl owns Something Moore, a women’s clothing and accessories store in Laguna Niguel, California. She pays for business expenses and for inventory with a credit card that awards frequent flier miles. And then she uses those frequent flier miles for airline tickets to take buying trips for her store.
“Years ago manufacturers would offer terms like 30 days net [to pay invoices],” Cheryl says. “Now more and more of them want their money right away. Using a credit card allows me to do that, and I still get some­thing of value out of it.”