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Reap the Rewards of Home Solar Power

salor panel

Solar technology has come a very long way in the past few years. Like mobile phones or computers, today’s solar panels offer much performance for the dollar than they used to. In fact, modern solar energy systems can be had for a relatively low price, especially considering the thousands of dollars it will save year after year. Many homeowners are not aware of what they are missing by continuing to rely on fuel-based power. There are thousands of people loving their solar energy systems in New York alone, so clearly there are some advantages to using the sun as a primary energy source.

The most obvious reason why New Yorkers are choosing to go solar is because they are fed up with the outrageous cost of electricity. Households in New York cost around 50% more than the country’s average to keep the power on, so it is not surprising that shrewd homeowners have been desperately trying to find a better alternative. Finally, it has become possible to generate electricity at home, without having to rely on an inherently flawed, monopolized market.

A Solution to Economic and Environmental Issues

In these uncertain economic times, many homeowners are just buckling down the hatches and hoping for the best.  Many people are drastically reducing the amount of money that they are spending, only to find that bills are just continuing to soar higher and higher.  Electricity is one of the big ones.  Fuel supplies are diminishing, which means that costs are rising.  In order to regain stability, many prudent homeowners are seeking out better options.

Solar power today is a far cry from the archaic systems of even just 10 years ago.  Today, solar energy is trusted as a primary power source in many homes.  Modern photovoltaic systems are changing the way that people think about renewable energy.  It is no secret that it is extremely important to adopt a new system for generating electricity on a global scale, and now there is finally a very real and legitimate solution – the sun.

VerengoSolar.com Solar Panels Offer an Alternative Energy Source

The single greatest advantage of installing VerengoSolar.com solar panels on the roof of a New Jersey residence is the proven way it dramatically lowers utility bills every month. On average, a typical New Jersey homeowner spends $200 a month for electricity. Because an average VerengoSolar.com solar panel system can offset the cost by up to 70%, most homeowners could save $140 every 30 days, or savings of nearly $1700 per year.

Solar Power Paid for by Savings

Additionally, because the cost of installing a VerengoSolar.com home solar power-generating system is fixed, the cost of electricity will never go up. This means that 20 years’ worth of savings from solar panels will be greater than the amount the homeowner would have paid for the power they would have purchased from the utility company. Because solar panel systems last for five decades or longer, the added value to the home’s equity would have been lost if the system was never installed.