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California Rebates Offer Cash Back For Installing Solar Power

Solar power has proven slow to catch on with consumers. High installation costs have prevented solar power systems from being widely adopted. No one wants to pay for a source of energy that could cover only about ten to 20 percent of total energy costs at such expense. Measured in 2010 dollars, installation costs were as high as $12 per watt in 1998. They fell to $7 per watt in 2010. (1) They are even lower now in 2012. However, they are still too high to convince most customers to purchase solar power systems.

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 introduced a federal tax credit for solar power to the tune of 30 percent of the installed cost. This effectively reduces the cost of installing solar power. Multiple states like California have local tax incentives to nudge consumers in the direction of purchasing solar power capacity. California has a booming solar market thanks to state goals and incentives.

California, especially southern California, receives a lot of sunlight throughout the year, especially in the summer. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory estimates that California gets about six kilowatt-hours per square meter per day. (2) This is consistent with the NREL’s estimate for other southwestern states like New Mexico and Arizona. California is thus positioned to reap plenty of electricity savings and environmental benefits from solar power.

New Palo Alto Solar Panels Information

Are you having a new home built in the Palo Alto area?  There is nothing more exciting than having all your plans for a new home come together before your eyes.  Before the construction begins however, you may want to consider some ways to “go green” by improving your new home’s energy efficiency.  Having Palo Alto solar panels installed by VerengoSolar is an important step.  Here are some other ways to help make your new house energy efficient.

One of the biggest costs in electricity for a home is that of heating and cooling it.  One way you can help in this matter is by choosing your design carefully.  For example, having south facing windows can help keep your home warm in the wintertime.  Planting plenty of trees and shrubs around your home can help provide shade and keep the home cooler in the summer.  One smart trick is to combine these two ideas and to plant trees which leaves are full and bushy in summer to help provide shade, and that lose their leaves in winter to allow the sun in to provide warmth.  All of these little tips will help increase your home’s energy efficiency while reducing the workload on your Palo Alto solar panels.