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Reap the Rewards of Home Solar Power

salor panel

Solar technology has come a very long way in the past few years. Like mobile phones or computers, today’s solar panels offer much performance for the dollar than they used to. In fact, modern solar energy systems can be had for a relatively low price, especially considering the thousands of dollars it will save year after year. Many homeowners are not aware of what they are missing by continuing to rely on fuel-based power. There are thousands of people loving their solar energy systems in New York alone, so clearly there are some advantages to using the sun as a primary energy source.

The most obvious reason why New Yorkers are choosing to go solar is because they are fed up with the outrageous cost of electricity. Households in New York cost around 50% more than the country’s average to keep the power on, so it is not surprising that shrewd homeowners have been desperately trying to find a better alternative. Finally, it has become possible to generate electricity at home, without having to rely on an inherently flawed, monopolized market.